This 'News' post was going to be about our new packaging. After a long wait, it had finally arrived and I was so excited to talk about it. 

However, as most Australian's are currently immersed in lockdown 2,361 (in Victoria 5,893) - I couldn't bring myself to write about something as frivolous as a new gift box.

We are in an unprecedented time of our lives. These days we look for the small pleasures. The walks with friends, family time, the daily joke ping'd around our WhatsApp group, take away coffee (any excuse to leave the house again) and drinking copious amounts of cocktails (any sort).

The other thing we have taken great pleasure in is giving and kindness. Whether it be dropping pastries and coffees on a friend's doorstep (when she couldn't get out), buying groceries for elderly neighbours (when they were terrified between vaccination one and two) or the huge box of chocolates arriving on my doorstep (thanks Mum). We are in a time of need. Give food. Give coffee. Give laughter. Give your time. We need each other. 


P.S - I'll write about the new packaging another time.... (in case you are actually interested - check out 'Gift Wrap' in the main menu)  

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