The sun is out

The sun is out

What a year it has been. Once again we have spent a disproportionate about of time at home. Homeschooling (again), trying not to drink too much (minus a few 'walking margaritas'), forcing everyone in the house to get out and do some exercise  - the list of ground hog activities goes on.

But, this year was different. We launched 'YOOP'. The brand that had been in our minds for years, finally came to fruition.  We wanted to bring some of the best items, from around the world to one place. A dynamic accessories brand with great, curated items.

We launched. We were inundated with orders. We had some highly organised people "Do you have the initial necklace in A, G & M" (for every family member's birthday)?  Or those who were so organised for Christmas - every YOOP item is already bought, boxed and ready for under the tree. 

The sun is also out. Our new Summer collection is about to hit and we couldn't be more excited. Bold gold. Colour. Pearl. These three make for a very fun Summer collection. 

Christmas is coming too. We gift wrap everything in our YOOP monochromatic box and hand write the card too (all at no extra charge). 

Be quick though - delivery delays are expected and frankly, there's nothing better than having everything wrapped and under the tree with plenty of time to spare. 

Enjoy the sunshine x

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