Week one...

Week one...

What a whirlwind. 

Last week we hit 'live' to YOOP, the brand we'd spent months furiously working on. 

An incy, wincy, tiny small business with a mission to find the best statement jewellery from around the globe and bring it to Australian shores.

We have been inundated with orders, questions, followers, posts, shares and incredibly positive and uplifting messages from friends and family. The call from the stylist wanting to shoot YOOP jewellery for a fashion magazine cover  - was pretty cool too.

We have, of course had issues with stock (we didn't know 'Carmel' would be quite so popular!), significant postal issues (aaarrggghhhh Australia Post), not enough packaging and desperate and all hour calls with Facebook/Instagram pleading with them to issue us with the ability to 'Click to buy' - which they still haven't.

But, that's a start up, right? 

All in all - we've loved it. We are furiously uploading new arrivals and scouring the globe for the next best items and the ultimate summer 'must-have'. 

Keep in touch, we love the feedback.




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